About Our Company

Established in 2001, Beaufort Ship Management Pvt Ltd is the original and most experienced of the Shipping Recruitment Agencies. We work closely with the world’s leading shipping, maritime and marine employers. We are the specialists in the shipping, maritime and marine world. As a specialized institution, Beaufort Ship Management Pvt Ltd is highly equipped with competent and qualified lecturers in all discipline within the maritime industry, spacious and conducive learning environment, up-to-date instructional media enhanced with a competent ICT system.


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Our training is based on outdoor activities on land and sea as well as intensive course system built into four voyages . Practical courses are conducted in real life location onboard ships, shipyards, dry-docks and sea ports.Beaufort Ship Management Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of courses tailored to meet the needs of the maritime industry.


• Beaufort ship management Private Limited is essentially engaged in the business of Manning, Maritime Consultancy, Ship Management, and Marine Documentation.
• Beaufort ship management private limited was formed in 2012 and is being operated by professionals with an average individual experience of 2 years in the shipping industry. The company is pioneered by Jitendra Khade who has vast marine and shore experience.
• We are comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals who fully understand the importance of ensuring effective and timely delivery of our client’s requirements. They work with the level of professionalism required to ensure that we keep the commitments which we have made to our clients. We are always proactive in our approach to implement successful strategies that greatly reduce running costs and increase our client’s profitability margins.
• The company is technically supported & guided by Mr. Mushtaq Khan 2nd officer (Retired Senior General Manager from Costal Shipping , Mr. Haider who has vast sailing and shore experience in SCI and BW as a senior 2nd engineer .
• We value giving entrepreneurial approach, coupled with rigorous risk management, service orientation and reliability, through focusing on excellent service to our clients. We also respect individuals, treating them fairly and providing opportunities for their continuous learning and development. Our business partners who adhere to the highest ethical standards are held in high esteem by Beaufort ship management. We are always grateful to our valued Customers who continue to support us and their belief in the service and quality of Beaufort ship management.
• Our pioneers’ total shipping experience is wealth for us, and also can be described as second to none. Our Success is, without doubt, owed to our staff that believe in hard, sincere and team work. “Our diversified resources, proven quality management and extensive experienced staff will help to provide the best value to our clients. We are dedicated to working with our customer to create tailor-made solutions which meet all of their requirements/needs.